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Quality Assurance Information

Quality Assurance will be required before final weigh-in.

4-H & FFA Market Animal

Weigh-In Dates 

Steers First Weigh-In: February 4
Final Weigh-In: August 9
Hogs First Weigh-In: May 6
Final Weigh-In: August 9
Sheep First Weigh-In: June 10
Final Weigh-In: August 9
Goats First Weigh-In: June 3
Final Weigh-In:  August 9
Poultry: Poultry Singles and Pens have no pre-weigh-in. They are weighed just before being shown.
Rabbits:  Rabbit fryers and fryer pens have no pre-weigh-in and are weighed and graded prior to being shown

Important Dates

Livestock Exhibitors accept great responsibility by raising an animal for the fair and learn a great deal about Agriculture in the process: Learn how to properly evaluate livestock quality through selection and purchasing of project animal Budgeting skills through purchase of animal, feed, housing, supplies, bedding, show/grooming supplies Daily Care (feeding, watering, cleaning) requires exhibitors to spend time with their project animals every day, sometimes two or more times per day Exhibitors assume total responsibility for their project, and are advised by project leaders, parents, and advisor


What it means to be a JLA Exhibitor